Pennsylvania- Flight 93 Memorial


On our way home from Virginia we stopped in Pennsylvania to check out the Flight 93 memorial. As of right now the memorial is still semi under construction. Eventually it will include 40 memorial groves, future tower of voices with 40 wind chimes, and a future visitor center complex. As of now it includes a visitor shelter where at certain times throughout the day a park ranger introduces visitors to some of the names, faces, and lives of the people aboard Flight 93 as well as the history. I stood by the wall of names and listened to a ranger explain the meaning behind every part of the memorial. Each curve in the path is suppose to direct your attention to something specific, whether it be the wall of names, the flight path, or where the crash was, the raised section that follows the path at a slant is suppose to be a reminder of the chain fence that was up during investigation, the seats are suppose to be similar to the wings of an airplane and each name was given their own slab due to their own individuality and lives. So I suggest if you go to take time to find a ranger, because every part of the memorial is filled with symbolism.


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