Virginia-Page Theater

Last time we were in Virginia my dad and I went to the movies. It was right before I went to college and the movie we saw was Toy Story 3, I admit I cried, but since Andy was going off to college and I was too, it makes sense. What we loved about the [...]

Virginia- Blackfriars Playhouse: Macbeth

  Last time we were in Virginia we went and saw The Taming of the Shrew at Blackfriars Playhouse and greatly enjoyed the atmosphere. Their tagline is "We do it with the lights on" because like Shakespeare's original Blackfriar's indoor theater they leave the lights on during the performance. (what use to be chandeliers of [...]

Virginia-Shops in Staunton

One late afternoon we headed back to Stanton to see a show, but we arrived early so that we could explore downtown a bit. The Dragon's Hoard 17 East Johnson StreetThe Dragon's Hoard caught me by the title. It's near Pufferbellies and sells board games, cards, modeling supplies, dice and other gaming supplies. Pufferbellies: Toys [...]

Virginia-Shenandoah National Park: Dark Hollow Falls

The Skyline drive of the Shenandoah National Park also is filled with parking spots for hiking. Even if you are not planning to go hiking I suggest you wear tennis shoes or hiking boots, just in case and bring water. Why? Because I didn't plan to go hiking and I still went hiking, without water [...]

Virginia- Skyline Drive

There are several Skyline Drives throughout the US at least. The one in Virginia runs through the Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Mountains. It's a 105 mile (168.9km) long road where animals are likely to run out. There are 75 overlooks where cars can pull over (when the area is not under construction) and look [...]

Virginia-Belle Grove Plantation

Belle Grove Plantation is a historic 1797 Manor House that housed Major Issac Hite and his family along with the land. The site is broken into two parts, the house and the land. The house has a paid tour of the indoor space, none of which is air conditioned and it also includes a film that [...]