Virginia-Belle Grove Plantation


Belle Grove Plantation is a historic 1797 Manor House that housed Major Issac Hite and his family along with the land. The site is broken into two parts, the house and the land. The house has a paid tour of the indoor space, none of which is air conditioned and it also includes a film that tells of the local history of the house. Outside on the plantation are brochures for self-guided tours of the landscape, and occasionally there are events and demos. The house is made of limestone and is one story with a kitchen in the basement. At one point it was turned into an inn, and it also survived having part of the civil war fought in the front lawn. A guide will show you the dent in the stone from a cannon ball and the holes from gunshots. At the end of the tour we were given a recipe from one of the old cook books to take home with us.

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