The Tower of London

After lunch at The Alberts our tour group went to The Tower of London.


Our tour started with an introduction by a Yeoman Warder or a beef eater, they are the guards of the tower. One of the people in our tour group tried to get a photo with him as he spoke and he snapped at her, if you want a photo with one of the guards, ask and wait until they’re done talking. The Tower of London includes several different buildings with exhibits inside of them. My cousin and I went to see the Crown Jewels, the White tower (royal armories), the Bloody Tower (where the princes were held and then went missing) and the Torture area. We also saw the Ravens. The Tower first came to use/ started being built in 1066 by William to Conqueror and it’s been added on since.  With it’s age it’s been home to many events and things. One of the popular draws to the Tower of London is that it houses the crown jewels. The Crown Jewel exhibit showcases the jewels and tells the history of them. Tour guides are not allowed inside because they would clog up the exhibit. So our guide dropped us off.



We also saw the Ravens, who it is said “If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall…”. There must be six resident Ravens that never leave. There are currently seven on site and can be spotted throughout the grounds. Don’t try and feed them or approach them, they are taken care of by the Raven Master and are fed 170grams of meat and blood soaked bird biscuits. Their housing is located by Wakefield Tower.


The execution site of some of Henry VIII’s  wives and Lady Jane Grey and several other’s  is marked by a memorial.



The Tower of London is filled with plenty exhibits to look at and learn about the vast history of the tower. It was a cold day out and by the end of our wandering through the Tower’s grounds my cousin was rather exhausted. It is another one of those places where I don’t believe you necessarily need a guide, they instead seem to get in the way. Unless you want to have Yeoman Warder as your guide.

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