Virginia-The Singing Tower



Driving past the Luray Caves (we went the last time we were in Virginia and ran out of time this time) we saw a sign saying “Singing Tower” and the times and days for the next show. So we figured out our schedule and managed to go. The Singing Tower is a carillon, like the one at rockefeller memorial chapel. This Singing Tower is 117 feet tall (35.6m) and has 47 bells.  The Singing Tower is actually the Belle Brown Northcott Memorial Carillon erected in 1937. The largest bell in the carillon is 6 feet in diameter (1.8m) and it weighs 7,640 pounds (3,465kg). Performances are free and about an hour or more from spring through fall.


I enjoyed the show but was disappointed in the lack of upkeep for the seating around. Someone, I assume the park or town, put up several benches around the carillon for listeners during the performances, but several were rotted through, not all, but the rest were not in pristine condition either.

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