Shakespeare’s Globe Theater


We used the London Pass first on the Globe. It was packed, since it was a school day there were tons of children in school groups running around and huge line of people at the front desk trying to get in. A trip to the Globe can be split into three options. We did two of these. We went on a tour, rushing to catch up with the last tour for awhile because of a show and were allowed to sit in the seats as the history and current uses of the Globe were explained. After that we explored the museum and galleries that further illuminated the Globe’s history and current uses. The third option would be to buy tickets and catch a show. Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of The Globe, it’s the third one and it opened in 1997. The original was built in 1599 burnt down in a fire in 1613 was built again in the following year and demolished in 1644.  Shakespeare’s Globe is about 750 feet (230m) from the original site.


It was nice to see the inside of the Globe with the tour, but since ours was a bit rushed because they were trying to get it done quick enough so the performance could be set up. It was also packed. For about 5 pounds people can buy tickets to a play and stand in the stalls, you stand for the entire show, but it’s pretty cheap. I think this might have been a bit more enjoyable.



Shakespeare’s Globe Theater plays both old Shakespeare plays and new shows.

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