Every time my classmates and I wandered around in Old Town, around Franz Kafa Square  we would pass the Absintherie. Besides being bright green and eye catching they also have a giant ice-cream cone sitting in the doorway, it made us curious. Absinthe ice cream? So before we left a group of us went to the shop, ordered one and split it. Absinthe is currently illegal in several countries due to a conceived perception of psychoactive properties which have been ruled false for anything beyond what is traditionally found in alcohol and spirits. It is considered a highly strong sprit if not diluted. Absinthe is made from wormwood and anise, fennel and more. In general it is bright neon green but sometimes can be clear. The ice cream our classmate walked out of the shop with was neon green, I didn’t mind the taste but didn’t get beyond a few bites because it numbed my tongue. It was a fun thing to try. I didn’t go into the shop or try anything else but on a hot day a little bit of the ice cream was enjoyable.

There are two Absintherie’s in Prague, the one we went to is located at In Hall 14/8, Franz Kafka Square 
110 00 Prague in Old Town. 

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