Lou Mitchell’s


With a bright neon sign claiming “The world’s finest coffee” Lou Mitchell’s is located near union station and the mega bus drop off/pick up stops at 565 West Jackson Blvd.  As a person who isn’t a fan of coffee that wasn’t what made me pick the restaurant as a place to eat with my cousin when I picked her up from the mega bus stop. What made me interested was that they’d been open since 1923 and served brunch. (and were within walking distance of the bus stop and train stations)

I picked up my cousin and we dragged our suitcases (we were heading to the airport after brunch) to the restaurant. They had us place our luggage by a counter across from the checkout by the door. They didn’t ask how many in our party and we sort of just followed the line. While we were waiting a worker came by with a heart basket filled with donuts holes and then again later with little boxes of  milk duds.



I ordered the hash and eggs and it came with an orange slice and a date. For eggs I had scrambled eggs and instead of what I expected there was a giant plain omelette on top of my hash, there were also potatoes on the side. With hash and eggs I never enjoy potatoes on the side because there are already little cubes of potato in it.  My meal also came with toast on the side, it was sweet, a bit salty, and not really toasted, it was also soft in the center which was just odd.


We ended up sitting at the bar within view of our luggage which was nice. The restaurant was packed and a bit hard to navigate. I went to find a restroom and ended up given directions by one worker an then led by another when I wasn’t going in the correct direction, which I would have gotten there the way I was going, but you had to walk behind a rack of coats and then down stairs and down a long hallway.

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