The Fudge Pot

The Fudge Pot is a store I went to on a random whim with a group of friends. It’s in Old town, a part of Chicago I haven’t visited often and within walking distance of Elly’s Pancake House. The shop has existed since 1963 and sells all sorts of chocolates and sweets. They do specialized orders as well and have glass cases filled with examples. The front desk is their Barks, Clusters, dipped candies, and truffles among a lot more. Behind this is there work area and where they keep their different flavors of fudge, which you can try and buy diffent sizes. I asked for a suggestion and got the smallest you could buy of a vanilla peanut butter fudge. They gave it to me wrapped with a plastic knife so I could eat it on the go. They also keep their giant hand dipped caramel apples in the back. Their fudge was rich, but good, and it was a fun little shop to stop in.


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