Wildberry is a brunch place on the edge of the park. I went on a sunday morning around 11:30 am and quickly learned that I chose their busiest times to meet a friend for brunch. There is an hour and occasionally longer wait on the weekends. Reservations are not possible on the weekends.  I waited outside because the entrance was a mix of too small and too hot for the jacket I was wearing. If you want to eat there I highly suggest sending someone ahead about an hour early or picking a day where you can reserve for your party.


I got their homemade cornbeef hash skillet with scrambled eggs, a side of fruit and pancakes. I’ve found that a lot of shops have these sort of options, where you can  try as much as you want food wise and have enough to take home for leftovers for a smaller price tag. The food was good but I had a momentary lapse and forgot that I’m not a huge fan of eggs. They also have an interesting wildberry orange juice that is good if you like berries. The place was a good choice for tourists or for large groups, it was set up for lots of people and we ended up sitting in a slightly cramped area, a booth where you sit next to people you don’t know, which is fine except when you try to leave and have to squeeze between tables. Another plus for them is that they are good with leftovers. I was able to get my iced tea to go and they included small packets of syrup to go with my pancakes. (though you may have to ask) Other than the wait it was a nice brunch place.

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