White Palace Grill

The White Palace Grill is a 24 hour restaurant that has been open since 1939 and has been featured on Dives Drive-ins and diners on the Food Network. While out shopping with a friend for fish supplies she mentioned wanting to try the place so we did. There is an odd extra door that I’m not sure if is just for winter or not, but was heavy to open. It’s set up with a bar and bar stools like an old diner. There are booths and tables and chairs as well as art on the ceiling.

The restaurant has time limit for their booths and a specific way of paying for larger groups all that makes sense, especially if they get busy. It’s another place that allows you to have breakfast at any time which I always love.When I went I had breakfast, waffles with a cinnamon apple compote. The cinnamon apple compote came in a bowl, the waffles were wonderful delicious but I wasn’t fond of the cinnamon apple compote.

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