The Christkindlmarket happens every year in mid to late november and ends just before Christmas. It is a German holiday market at Daley Plaza with food, drink and shopping. There is a giant decorated tree and several little wooden stands selling food such as soup and potato pancakes and hot chocolate or chocolate covered fruits and strudles. Some stands sell handmade wooden nutcrackers and other holiday things, others sell gifts from Germany. There are a couple large enclosed stands, one is a warming tent that people will pile into where you can get a holiday mug  decorated for the year and shaped like a boot filled with an alcohol, usually a hot spiced wine that the plaza smells of. This is also the only enclosed place to sit down and eat, so depending on the weather it may be filled with people trying to eat their potato pancakes and applesauce. There is also an enclosed shop filled with candy and sweets from europe, mostly germany, and candied nuts. The other large enclosed stand is filled with ornaments of all kinds. It’s definably a fun free holiday event to check out, but it’s usually really cold and sometimes windy or snowy. I love to get a plate of potato pancakes with applesauce and a cup of hot chocolate and sit with friends in the warming tent, or to walk around looking at the stalls with candied nuts to eat.

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