Gift Guide for Expats*

Gift Guide for Expats*

Thinking back to some awesome gifts I got while in Korea over the holiday seasons as well as things I wish I'd asked for. Happy Holidays!

Horror Movie Poster Exhibition

Most old theaters, I'm sure, have a good size collection of old movie posters hidden away. The Logan Square Theater, while going through a renovation found a ton of vintage old Horror Movie Posters, so they did something really cool. They made a free exhibit at I Am Logan Gallery which happens to be right next [...]

Chinese New Year Parade

Chicago's Chinese New Year Parade occurs in the old part of Chinatown and happens every year after Chinese New Year. It starts by setting off some fire crackers and then the veterans start the parade after a fire truck goes past. Then comes that years zodiac. This year is the water snake. The parade includes [...]


The Christkindlmarket happens every year in mid to late november and ends just before Christmas. It is a German holiday market at Daley Plaza with food, drink and shopping. There is a giant decorated tree and several little wooden stands selling food such as soup and potato pancakes and hot chocolate or chocolate covered fruits [...]