Expo 72

Expo 72 is a free art exhibit located at 72 East Randolph Street downtown in the loop. I've passed by it several times never quite sure exactly what it is or when it's open. I saw people inside recently and decided to check it out. The exhibit currently up until the end of February is [...]

Sky Deck

Work gave us passes to the Sky Deck that were expiring before I left for Prague so I grabbed a fellow RA and we went up the willis tower to look down on the city. The Sky Deck is in the Willis tower and is a popular tourist destination. It's 103 floors and 1, 353 [...]


The Christkindlmarket happens every year in mid to late november and ends just before Christmas. It is a German holiday market at Daley Plaza with food, drink and shopping. There is a giant decorated tree and several little wooden stands selling food such as soup and potato pancakes and hot chocolate or chocolate covered fruits [...]