Expo 72


Expo 72 is a free art exhibit located at 72 East Randolph Street downtown in the loop. I’ve passed by it several times never quite sure exactly what it is or when it’s open. I saw people inside recently and decided to check it out. The exhibit currently up until the end of February is “Rolled Stone & Inked: 25 Years of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative”. I was pretty excited about the exhibit since I’ve done some basic printmaking and had fun doing it. It was cool to see all the different layers and all the work that had to go into some of the pieces.

The Chicago Printmakers Collaborative offers classes in Printmaking and studio space for hundreds of members from all over the world to work on their art. The Expo 72 gallery is open every day except holidays. The space is nice and it’s cool that they host free art exhibits with receptions and occasional demonstrations. There wasn’t anyone in to talk to about the exhibit while I was there just a bored looking security guard at the entrance. Hot Tix which is a place to get half priced theater tickets is also inside the space but they also didn’t have anyone working while I was there.

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