Versailles Cafe

Versailles cafe is located at 4102 North Pulaski Road and is a quaint, rather laid back French cafe in Irving Park. They serve a variety of crepes and I was rather sad I was too full to even contemplate ordering one. After seeing some photos of their crepes I definably wouldn’t have been able to finish one. Instead my friend and I split a pot of tea. Their tea comes with fresh mint and honey and cute tea pots.


They offered us green tea and it was perfect to enjoy as the evening wore on. I liked the ambiance and decor and most of the music choices, but it seemed they were having some technical difficulty while we were there. Definably go there for a crepe and some tea or coffee, it seems though that they’re a little iffy about visitors who are there for too long without purchasing too much. The friend I was with was a little uneasy with the owners/workers just sort of sitting around and watching us a little oddly. I wasn’t facing the workers or owners and didn’t notice, so I was somewhat blissfully unaware. We sat down and looked at the menu and ordered from it when the worker came over, so while it’s called a cafe it seems it’s mostly trying to be a restaurant.

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