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Sip Coffee House is located at 1223 West Grand Avenue. It’s nearish the grand blue line stop and right next to a 65 bus stop. They have over 26 flavors of tea and a large variety of coffee drinks. If you order their loose leaf tea for there they’ll brew it in a pot and give it to you and you can get a free refill of hot water. While I was there I ordered a tea latte, surprised to see a familiar name “London Fog”, which I had awhile back at Ipsento. I tried their other option instead, Snowflake, which was peppermint tea, white chocolate and foamy cream. When my friend arrived she ordered the London Fog, it tasted similar to the one I had back at Ipsento. They were good, but before I moved to my seat I should have grabbed a stirring stick. Because the bottom of the cup was really sweet with the white chocolate as a kind of sludge stuck to the bottom.


Sip coffee house is a rather large coffee shop. It use to be an old Italian barbershop. While I was there I said I wanted my drink ‘for here’ and they showed me shelves piled with mugs for me to pick from. My friend asked for hers ‘for here’ as well but ended up with a to-go cup. I think, if you want your drink to go, before you order just go over to the shelves and pick out a mug and just hand it to the worker when you order. Near the mugs is also a thing of water and cups and a place for dirty dishes. The bathroom is also over in this corner. There’s a large couch for you to wait on friends or to sit and chat with the workers who are friendly. The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxing. To make things go quicker they’ll ask you what you want and not necessarily wait till you get to the counter, so they can get the order started. Food can take a bit longer than drinks if it’s suppose to be warmed up. When my order was done and after a quick but pleasant chat with the workers I walked down the hall towards the seating, passing the first of their two outdoor patios and a wall lined with magazines to read. There is two levels to their indoor seating. There’s more space downstairs, however some of the indoor furniture may also be their outdoor furniture during warmer months so I’m not sure how the arrangement changes by season. I loved the atmosphere and the music they played. It seemed like a nice place to go to study or work, especially since they have wifi and a printer, as well as relatively cheap priced food and drink.


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