Conrad Hotel 37 Grill and Bar’s Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate? What’s so exciting about that? Well- okay, I see, but wait just a moment. Have you seen those balls of chocolate that when they pour stuff on it (more chocolate/milk) and it just falls apart? That’s this. Fancy, high quality, (expensive) hot chocolate. Mika did a whole staycation where she hopped around hotels on her vacation (birthday) and the Conrad was one of her favorite places she stayed at. I almost booked a room because they were on sale during my trip for lunar new year but it was still a lot per night for me. Though the hotel is gorgeous, high ceilings and staff waiting around at multiple desks and a couple different sets of elevators depending on where you’re going. They’re even hosted the Beach Boys’ concert late this March.

Luckily since Mika had been there, so she’d called ahead to check and see if the hot chocolate was still a thing and where in the Conrad it was. She also got us around with ease. Flames (the other restaurant in the hotel) was where she’d had the hot chocolate during her stay, but since it was the end of the holiday, hours were different and the hot chocolate was only being served at 37 Grill and Bar which was on the 37th floor. The Grill and Bar was dead. Completely empty of anyone other then servers and bartenders cleaning and setting up for crowds that didn’t come in at 2 in the afternoon. We were given 3 different menus, mostly of drinks but quickly cut to the chase for the signature hot chocolate. We sat at a long table by the window and I just soaked up the view.


The hot chocolate was brought out and the ladies waited patiently for us to take our pictures and start filming (though I don’t film often and thus managed to get a 2 second clip of absolutely nothing) The signature hot chocolate is a winter thing and probably not going to the at the hotel again till next winter. It’s 22,000 won which is about $18. With marshmallows at the bottom and three brownies on the side the entire thing is chocolate heaven (or overload). They pour warm milk over a ball of premium chocolate and at the end the marshmallows float to the top like magic. It’s pretty tasty, a bit rich, and I would have loved to have had time to sit and enjoy the view with a book, but our foodie day wasn’t over.

Before hot milk
After, so delicious

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