Aori ramen 아오리의행방불명

Aori ramen 아오리의행방불명

I've always wanted to eat at a solo-style ramen restaurant, I just didn't realize this one was owned/ created by who it was owned/created by. I have some regret.

Jooo’s Dimsum + Noodle 쮸즈 jooos 딤섬+누들

One of the main stops on our food extravaganza (which due to time constraints and our ability to eat got shortened a bit) was to go to Jooo's. Jooo's is in Garosugil and had a little note on their door saying they'd be open for dinner at 5pm, which we found at 11am. We had plans [...]

Brooklyn: The Burger Joint

After spending Chuseok running around like crazy and then two weekends recovering I was ready to get out and explore again, so I got a hold of my friend Mika  because it'd been many many months since I'd last seen her. Last time we'd hung out we checked out a palace and just wandered around [...]