U Kalicha and The Good Soldier Švejk


There are, in Prague a lot of Good Solider Švejk restaurants.  One of my teachers was friends with a tour guide who I would run into while she was guiding tours and she decided to show all of us the best restaurant to go to for Good Solider Švejk, U Kalicha or The Goblet. We had been reading and studying The Good Soldier Švejk in class.


The Good Soldier Švejk was written by Jaroslav Hašek.  Švejk can be seen throughout Prague, a hero of sorts who, in his stories, would spend his time being a good soldier, trying to find his way to the front lines of World War 1 and to do his duty but always getting turned around and being mistaken for a deserter because no one else really wanted to be a part of the war. He was the only one going against the current. The Good Soldier Švejk follows Švejk through his journeys, bar hopping, through insane asylums and other humorous situations of the time and era where he always has a story to tell, one worse than any situation the characters are in. His author Jaroslav Hašek lived an adventurous life himself, a  satirist, humorist, and anarchist who was closely monitored and frequently arrested by the police. He worked on a journal The Animal World but was fired after the realized he was writing articles on imaginary animals. He occasionally lived with the illustrator of The Good Soldier Švejk, Josef Lada,  and was drafted into the army where several characters from the book appear from. He died before the book was finished.

The Goblet was remodeled in the 1950’s and some of the workers dress in the familiar clothes of the characters from the book.  There are also people who play music while you eat. The restaurant is one where the author stayed and  based a few characters off of. The walls are covered in art and you can buy souvenirs like a Good Soldier Švejk cap. I ordered goulash with dumplings. 


U Kalicha is located at Na Bojišti 12-14 Praha 2.

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