After wandering around with my classmates we looked for a place to eat. We were searching for someplace cheap and I noticed across the street a sign that said cheap Czech food so we looked at the menu agreed and went in.


I enjoyed the atmosphere, the restaurant was below ground, we went down the stairs and everything felt as if the restaurant didn’t take itself seriously and was just having fun.


I liked their menu that was filled with doodles and was in a couple different languages. The food was broken up with silly titles such as: from Moo-cow, from piggy,  or with beer and each had a doodle or sketch with it.


I ordered the original beer house flavored soda Ferdináda. It was bright pink and I liked it. I also ordered the sausage, which was super spicy. We also ended up with a ton of bread and for some reason got it in our head that the clear bottles at our table with liquid in it was a olive oil for us to dip our bread in, but was actually vinegar. It was a very silly experience.


I didn’t particularly enjoy the food, but I enjoyed the experience at Ferdinanda.

Ferdiananda has two locations, the one I went to is located at Karmelitská 18, 118 00 Praha 1.

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