Faust House

While being shown around by our teacher we walked past Faust House. The Faust House, while it probably never housed Doctor Faust,  was home to many eccentric people. It was originally a mansion owned by Prince Vaclav of Opava who was obsessed with alchemy and natural sciences. It was then passed on to an astronomer and his sons, the youngest of the two killed the elder in search of treasure hidden in the house. Other alchemists also made the house home, one who usually blew holes in the roof with their experiments. One enjoyed freaking out guests with his knowledge of physics, chemistry and mechanics. He rigged the door to open on it’s own, door knobs to emit small electric shocks and for a staircase to fly. One resident of the house use to cover the walls with funeral texts and slept in a coffin.


The story that connects Faust house with it’s name sake is a student who was staying there and according to legend was taken by the devil through the holes in the ceiling after reading a book full of spells.

Faust House isn’t open to the public but definably sticks out. Faust house can be found in Charles Square and is located at Karlovo namesti 40, 41.

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