Bontanicus is a botanical beauty and health shop in Prague. They sell a wide variety of items such as soap, herbs, bathsalts, candles, tea,  jams, perfume, and beauty products just to name a few. Everything they sell is organic and hand made. They use fresh herbs, plants, and vegetables from their gardens in their products. I went to buy souvenirs from their shop to take home. I was amazed by the unique selection of soaps and products they sold. I bought soap and tea.


The soap I got was banana and yogurt, I also bought several for friends and family with interesting scents/types such as lettuce and olive oil.  The tea I bought is called Slow Me Down!! and is a blend of marshmallow (herb), valerian and lavender and is suppose to be a relaxing soothing blend.

Botanicus gardens and village where they make everything is open to the public for people to come visit and learn and enjoy being so close to nature.

We didn’t go to the World of Bontanicus/The world of Plants, but it’s located at Ostra at Ostrá 8 289 22 Lysá and Labem. I went instead to their shop in Prague 1 located at Týn 3/1049 (Týnský dvůr – Ungelt) 110 00 Praha 1. It’s definably a fun place to look around and buy souvenirs at.

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