Montrose Harbor and Lincoln Park

For a friends graduation party we pet up at Montrose Beach, however it was still cold so we didn’t stay long. It was windy and the the sand was pretty soggy. So we ended up spending most of our time sitting around in Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park, the park itself can be found off of North Lake Shore Drive or North Marine Drive. I took the bus and got off at Montrose Drive and followed the path. I’d never been there before and wasn’t sure where the beach was. To get to the beach you head left from the Montrose harbor, heading straight, or north east. I enjoyed the park and just being by the water near the harbor. There is other things to see and do at the park, there are foot ball and soccer fields, a bird sanctuary, a skate park and of course plenty of trails for biking, skating, running or walking.






This area is also a great area to go bird watching or fishing. Depending on season it can be a pretty popular spot, especially the Bird Sanctuary and the Magic Hedge over 300 species of birds have been seen at Montrose point.


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