Bontanicus is a botanical beauty and health shop in Prague. They sell a wide variety of items such as soap, herbs, bathsalts, candles, tea,  jams, perfume, and beauty products just to name a few. Everything they sell is organic and hand made. They use fresh herbs, plants, and vegetables from their gardens in their products. I went [...]


Since we were always looking for places with wifi we ended up with several that we frequented. A favorite was the Globe. The Globe was in founded in 1993 and is an english bookstore and cafe. It opens up to a shop with books and goodies and then you walk back to the cafe, grab [...]


Billa is a grocery store or supermarket. Since there was a kitchen in our hostel and parks nearby I would go to the Billa for groceries and snacks. My roommates and I bought a lot of bread, cheese, and eggs. Two of my roommates were vegetarian, something of a struggle for them but it wasn't [...]


The Palladium is located in Praha 1. The tram stop it is by is Náměstí Republiky. Since outside of the building it says 200 shops that is what I called it for a long time. It is essentially a giant mall. I walked past it on my first day in Prague while exploring. It is across [...]