Since we were always looking for places with wifi we ended up with several that we frequented. A favorite was the Globe. The Globe was in founded in 1993 and is an english bookstore and cafe. It opens up to a shop with books and goodies and then you walk back to the cafe, grab a seat and check out the menu. I usually lugged my computer with me and took the tram across the river to the Globe. The Globe would play the Eurocup and  movies on Sundays. It also hosted readings, including the one we did at the end of our semester.


They have two levels of seating inside, usually if we were a large group we’d take the stairs and sit on the balcony over looking the rest of the shop. But sometimes if I went with my roommate we’d sit outside, she’d sit in the sun soaking up all the rays and I’d sit in the shade trying to stay cool.

They serve 16 different kinds of Harney & Son’s teas. I tried to try them all.181450_379951038719898_1834990032_n

I managed to try ten of them. I enjoyed them all except for the Pomegranate oolong but I probably over brewed it too long. They would also have lunch specials. I tried one of their panini’s  that came with a side, I was going to get their fries but before I could pick the waitress said “Salad right?” and I said sure. I ate all of it, but it contained a lot of vegetables I don’t particularly like, such as green bell peppers.


Also at a friends suggestion I ordered a peanut butter and cookie milkshake that tasted a bit like a nutter butter cookies.

Written on the globe is “In Libris, Veritas. In Kava, Vita!” This means “In books, truth.  In Coffee, Life!”

The Globe is located at Pštrossova 6, 110 00 Praha 1

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