On the other side of our hostel there was another park, Stromovka. We walked through the park to get to the Beer Festival and the Book Festival. However one hot day when the tent at the Beer Festival got stuffy and I got tired I left on my own and got lost in the park. Which I suppose, if I was to get lost in a park it might have well been the biggest park in Prague. I had an idea of how to get home, a basic direction, but I made a wrong turn and ended up taking the long way around. There are signs up throughout the park. The one I noticed the most that probably caused me to panic was that I was by the zoo, and I thought the zoo was further away.

The park was packed when I was there. I was walking amongst a bike race, people were skating, basically if it had wheels people were using it to whiz past me. Even though I was lost it was cool to see a park so packed with people enjoying it. There were musicians and performers, people enjoying picnics or sunbathing. I passed a fairground and many beautiful green spots and ponds. The park was beautiful and I did eventually make it out and back to my hostel.

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