Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe 설빙

After our ferry tour we were miserable. I was too hot and just wanted shade and something cold. So as we walked along the fringes of Haeundae beach when Nathalie spotted a Korean Dessert Cafe. We ordered one of their mango patbingsu’s to split and I was surprised at everything in it. It was a monster but delicious. We ordered their Coco Mango supreme. It was shaved ice with coconut milk, covered in mango cubes, whipped cream, a side of condensed milk, a bit of white chocolate, and a slice of cheesecake. It was ridiculous but it hit the spot and cooled us off immensely.

20150804_165059 (1)

Sulbing is a Korean dessert chain that specializes in patbingsu. Their menu changes and tends to be seasonal but it’s one of the best places to grab some shaved ice in Korea that can be found almost anywhere you go

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