Kkanbu Chicken

Kkanbu chicken is a chain in South Korea. We went for dinner after the aquarium because everything else nearby was really pricy. We ordered their garlic chicken and onion fries. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but it wasn’t an entire chicken and that’s what we got, covered in a pile of sweet garlic. They cut it up, cooked it, but it still had some internal parts that Nathalie found. I think she found a kidney. The fries came with a slightly spicy but mostly sweet bbq sauce and ketchup.  I inhaled them. They were delicious.


Chicken, in South Korea tend to be served with beer whether it’s fried or not. So there are lots of beer and chicken places around. At this one you could get a huge container for you and your friends to share. Nathalie and I skipped on that though since we had plans to meet up with our friends afterwards for drinks.

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