Sea Life Busan Aquarium

After a bit of a detour we found ourselves at the Busan aquarium. It’s right next to Haeundae Beach  beach. Nathalie went off to take a closer look at the packed beach but searching for the nearest shade I headed for the entrance line. The line to the aquarium was long but moved quickly.

The aquarium isn’t expensive, especially since foreigners get a discount. (There is a coupon on their website you can take with you) Since the last aquarium I’ve been in was the Shedd aquarium in Chicago I loved Busan. I loved that one simple priced ticket got us into pretty much everything.  We were able to see all 35,000 different species within the aquarium. There wasn’t an nonsense about having to pay extra in order to see jellyfish.

The aquarium is decent sized. It has a ton of fish, penguins, crustaceans, some turtles, manta rays, jellyfish and a quarantine where their finless dolphins are getting the care they need. Their big draw though/main section seems to be their sharks and a glass tunnel that mimics being under the ocean with fish moving all around you.

I loved that throughout the aquarium there are benches for you to sit and just watch everything swim about, for however long you want. There was also a small area where you could touch starfish and shark eggs. You can’t hold the starfish but you can still poke them.


shark eggs

The aquarium also has somewhat cheap glass bottom boat rides (about 6,000 krw). I had a lot of fun. It didn’t have the most marine animals, but it was still really cool. It was a little crowded but with a bit of patience it was easy to go around and see everything.

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