Braai Republic

Braai Republic is a South African restaurant that I went to with some friends I made from Epik Training. It was cold and snowing for the first time of the year so we cancelled most of our other plans and went to Itaewon for lunch. Braai means barbecue and the Braai Republic serves mostly meat. After stumbling our way through the menu we decided to split two of their main dishes. We ordered the meat platter and banger’s platter.

The meat platter included 2 lamb chops, 1 Boerewors, 1 pork banger with a side of garlic mashed potatoes, creamy spinach and slaw.


The banger’s platter was four types of sausage with two sauces and some pickles.

The sausages were delicious. One was a boerewors (so we ended up with two), one was maple, one was spicy and the last was Chorizo.

It was all very meat heavy but delicious. I ended up really loving the sausages that weren’t spicy and even enjoyed the lambchops. The restaurant was a lot smaller than I expected, all done in dark wood and set up for decent sized groups. There were four of us at our table but it could fit about 6.  The workers were nice and the food was delicious and wonderful, especially since we’d never had it before. It did take a while to get the food so it’s not a fast meal.

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