Sally Lunn and The Real Italian Ice Cream Company

After looking around the Roman Baths my cousin and I walked around town for the short time we had left.  Bath is an absolutely beautiful city and I wish we had had a lot more time there. A day or two would have been amazing. A friend of mine studied abroad at Bath Spa University and if we had stayed longer then the couple hours we had, students from the University could have come into town to give us a tour. But it’s hard to try and time a tour within a tour, so I didn’t take them up on the offer. It was hard to decide what to do with the rest of our time. It would have been nice to go to the Jane Austin house but instead we walked to the oldest house in Bath that dates back to 1482 which is now home to the Sally Lunn Bun which has been there since 1680.


Sally Lunn’s is an eating house that also serves afternoon tea and has it’s own kitchen museum. The creator of the bun was a Huguenot baker, or a french protestant who was a refugee from France. This bun is apparently not quite a bun and is similar to a French brioche bread but it’s secret recipe still is only known to this one spot. It would have been nice to have stopped in for a cup of tea and to try the world famous bun, however the restaurant was quite busy and we were a bit worried about the time crunch that our bus was stuck with. The Sally Lunn’s house/eatery/tea room/museum/bakery can be found at 4 North Parade Passage in Bath.


We headed back to towards the bus stop and went to the Real Italian Ice Cream Company. I ordered a scoop (piccolo) of mint chocolate chip ice cream and my cousin ordered the chocolate, although their crepes were tempting.

unnamed-1My cousin and I just enjoyed resting our feet and sitting while waiting for our bus. It would have been a lot of fun to stay in Bath for a bit longer but we had other stuff to do on our trip. Luckily this was the end of our Bath/Stonehenge/Windsor Castle tour, because it had been an exhausting and long day. We ended up going back to our hotel and passing out.


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