KLive hologram concert (케이라이브)


On the top floor of Lotte Fitin is KLive. KLive is the worlds first K-pop hologram concert. My friend booked our tickets online and we ran up to the top floor of the mall thinking we were late only to find we were an hour early. So we had plenty of time to kill and explore.

glass car
glass car

One of the workers showed us some of the cool features such as the Secret Window where there’s a cardboard cut out of what looks like paparazzi facing some tv’s. If you stand behind the paparazzi and look through the clear cut outs at the screens you get to see what’s showing on the screens which otherwise look blank. Then there’s the Krunk coffee project with a blue unimpressed mascot bear.


My friend ordered the cute macaroon and I ordered the ice cream, I expected the ears to be cookies but they were just flat round chocolate bits. There’s seating near the cafe and more outdoor seating on the Starry Garden which has a cool view.


There’s also an upstairs exhibit and multiple areas that you can interact with like a couple of screens with blinds where the K-pop idols come out and pose and there’s a countdown for you to pose with them and take a photo.


There are also two different photo booths. We tried the one by the cafe and it was somewhat awkward. You take photos with the stars, but it’s usually photos from magazines and they’re hard for two people to pose with.


When the hologram starts and you go inside the concert hall there’s another section of photo booths. Do this. I didn’t do it, because I didn’t want my face over an awkward looking Psy merman. But even if you get stuck with an embarrassing photo option do it.

The hologram concert we went two was three parts, two Psy concerts, one 2NE1 concert and two Big Bang concerts. When Psy first came out it seemed real. Like super impressively real. 2NE1 and Big Bang, their concerts have a lot of physics defying special effects like a music video so it felt like watching a music video.


There’s two options at the concert, you can stand near the stage (do this) or you can sit. During the Psy concert he interacted a little with the people in the standing zone, but no one was there so we just all sat in our seats unaffected. As the show went on each performance would pull up the photo booth photos. At the end the bands would come out on stage afterwards and pick a random guest to give a gift to and the staff would run it up to that person.


I had a lot of fun at KLive. I haven’t been to a lot of concerts (real or hologram) and it was cool to see a hologram concert. They had a lot in their gift shop but I got the only thing I was really eyeing, which was one of the Big Bang unimpressed stuffed blue bears. They didn’t have a lot in stock and I’m unsure if we were there at a off season time or if maybe with their new come back there will be more stuff for sale.

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