Angel in Us Coffee

On our third day of vacation we had one big thing planned at Lotte Fitin mall. There was only a half hour before we’d have to run to the event but I was hungry so while my friend ran off to get tickets I ordered a plain bagel at Angel in Us Coffee. Angel in Us Coffee is a South Korean cafe chain.


It took a couple minutes but I got my bagel quickly and sat down to try and inhale it without getting sick.  For a plain bagel it surprisingly was actually onion flavored. But it was nice, the only bagel I’d had in South Korea so far. The Angel in Us Coffee shop had nice comfortable seats and was in the mall’s food court so I’m not sure how their actual stand alone cafes are.

They also, like most places in Korea had an area for you to get water. Their cups though were flat paper cups that you open up, are waxy, and can’t set down without spilling.

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