Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center

While trying to find a nearby landmark my friend and I stumbled upon the Myeong-dong Tourist Information center and it was perfect. I bought postcards, probably the cutest I’ve ever seen and stamps. My friend got directions while I was filling out a postcard to send home when one of the workers came over to tell me my friend was trying on costumes and that I should go with her.

cutest post cards ever!!! They didn't have any photography style ones, all art.
Cutest post cards ever!!! They didn’t have any photography style ones, all art.

It turns out the Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center other than having tons of useful information and postcards also had a back room where you could pose in front of a green screen wearing hanboks. You pick out an outfit from their rack, put on some accessories and have 10 minutes with the outfit to take as many photos as you want. You can even have one (or a few) printed out to take home. After we got our map we headed outside so I could send my postcard home.


It took me a moment to realize this lit up map of the country was the place to put my post card.

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