Wisconsin-Fishtrap Lake




The original plan for my second summer trip was to go with my aunt, uncle and cousins (and Max, their dog) to Georgia, to visit another aunt. However that aunt called and said it was way to hot, and after melting in Saint Louis we decided to run away North and to enjoy cooler air and a lake. So I spent several days digging through websites in search of places to rent for about a week someplace close, cool, cheap and last minute. We ended up with a cabin on Fishtrap Lake. The cabin itself wasn’t great, since we could see the forest floor in the bathroom and hear mice in the walls, but it worked and we and a beautiful view of the lake from the picture window in the main room. We also got to borrow the owner’s row boat, which my cousin and uncle used often to go fishing. I sat on the dock and read, it was very peaceful and for the six days we were there, I managed to finish a book per day.



My cousin took my aunt and I out on the lake one morning to an island we saw, which was nice because it had a little place for people to cook and eat at a picnic table.



It wasn’t hot, sometimes rather cold and peaceful. There were plenty of birds, frogs, fish, turtles, animals, and bugs about.



It was a nice lake to stay on, my suggestion though if you want to stay on it is to book more then a week in advance and see what all is available so you can get a nicer cabin. Also pack powerful bug spray, we were bit a lot.



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