Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey was one of those places I wanted to go that fought with us. We originally thought we’d be going in during our Total London Experience Tour but instead just looked at it as the bus drove past. Then after we picked up our London Passes we headed over and it was closed. So on our final day it was our second stop after our visit with Peter Pan in the Kensington Gardens. Westminster Abbey is the final resting place of 3,300 people, 17 of which were monarchs and some familiar names such as; Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, and Charles Dickens. Westminster Abbey opened in 1090 and is still open for worship today. It has been the church where the royal coronation occurs since 1066 and it’s also been the venue of 16 royal weddings. It’s a beautiful Gothic building with lovely stained glass. It was interesting the below the floor under the plaques was where the bodies were, for most of them. There were also several plaques to celebrate people who weren’t buried at Westminster.


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