Logan Square Halloween Parade


This weekend I stumbled upon the 10th annual Logan Square Halloween parade. It’s a family friendly event and tends to be the weekend before Halloween starting around 5pm at the Illinois Centennial Monument which can be seen at the Logan Square park, right next to the blue line CTA stop. At 5:30 the parade begins. This year the parade was led by Mucca Pazza which is “a marching band that thinks it’s a rock ‘n roll band”. It was a lot of fun to watch them with all of their energy and playfulness lead hordes of children and adults across the street through traffic and around the small area.  The parade ended around 7pm after stopping at a nearby cafe that had made cookies and cider.  I absolutely loved just standing across the street and watching them pass. I saw so many cool costumes on children and adults alike but my favorites were probably a family of jellyfish and a couple of chefs with a baby lobster.


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