Logan Square Theater

The Logan Theater, located within walking distance and view of the Logan Square Blue Line at  2646 N Milwaukee Ave. The theater opened in 1915 as a single screening room theater named the Paramount Theater. The Logan Theater is an independent theater with great prices in comparison to practically every other theater in the city with [...]

Horror Movie Poster Exhibition

Most old theaters, I'm sure, have a good size collection of old movie posters hidden away. The Logan Square Theater, while going through a renovation found a ton of vintage old Horror Movie Posters, so they did something really cool. They made a free exhibit at I Am Logan Gallery which happens to be right next [...]

Logan Square Halloween Parade

This weekend I stumbled upon the 10th annual Logan Square Halloween parade. It's a family friendly event and tends to be the weekend before Halloween starting around 5pm at the Illinois Centennial Monument which can be seen at the Logan Square park, right next to the blue line CTA stop. At 5:30 the parade begins. This year [...]