Logan Square Theater


The Logan Theater, located within walking distance and view of the Logan Square Blue Line at  2646 N Milwaukee Ave. The theater opened in 1915 as a single screening room theater named the Paramount Theater. The Logan Theater is an independent theater with great prices in comparison to practically every other theater in the city with 7.50 for evening screenings. They host special events and film festivals as well as showing old, new, semi new, and independent films. They went through renovations that brought out a bunch of old movie posters, some of which can be seen at their Horror Movie Poster Exhibition going on next door.


I like going to this theater when I have a chance, not only because it’s cheaper but because it has a nice old feel to it and they show films that have left other theaters. Which is perfect if friends and I are having issues coordinating our schedules. Plus the staff is friendly and I absolutely love that they’re pretty active in their community and try and be festive for whatever the season.

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