Bejing Dumpling and Chinatown


After missing our tour my cousin and I headed to Chinatown for dinner. We wandered up and down the street looking at menus, comparing prices and deciding if it was a place we would eat. In one of our tours we were told that by law every restaurant in London must have their menus outside or posted in a window. This was helpful. In chinatown however this meant when we went to look at a menu the hostess or host would come out and try to talk us into their restaurant. We wouldn’t be allowed any time to look over the menu.


In Chicago one of my favorite things to order is coconut curry at Joy Yee Noodles so I decided I would order the same thing at Bejing dumplings. Bad choice.


The restaurant itself was small but nice. I ordered an iced green tea and it was sweet and wonderful.


I really just wasn’t having a good day with food, breakfast was fine but the coconut curry was way spicier than I was expecting. What I usually get in Chicago is mild, but this was miserable to try and eat, even with rice. I consumed at ton of rice and decided to make up for it after dinner.

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