The London Bridge Experience


When going through the list of things to do with the London Pass we were drawn to The London Bridge Experience. Apparently, according to the BBC before it was opened the workers who were digging found a crypt of skeletons and refused to keep working alone. The London Bridge Experience is a walking tour in the dark that takes guests on an interactive tour of the London Bridge’s dark history. As you walk through with the others in the group you meet different people throughout history, not necessarily famous but who tell you of what is going on during that time. Several of the other guests with us spent their time holding onto one another, or moving forward with their arms linked. There is a tunnel towards the end which is disorienting due to spinning and black light, I moved forward by holding onto the bars with my eyes shut. Minus one part of the trip early on I didn’t find the London bridge particularly scary. Instead I found it a fun way to learn about the history of the bridge and had fun. After the London Bridge Experience guests move on to the London Tombs which my cousin and I didn’t go on, much to my cousin’s disappointment. Before guests move onto the London Tombs they give a warning saying in the midst of all the warnings that people “in any stage of pregnancy, who are epileptic or claustrophobic” shouldn’t continue. My cousin double checked that any stage of pregnancy even included five weeks (she was actually 6 weeks) and they said yes, so we got out of the group and were led through the back into the gift shop where we spoke with the worker. We were confused because he asked if we wanted to see our photo and we explained we hadn’t gone through the second part, but you end up with two photos, one in the London Bridge and one in the Tombs. We asked about the second half and he explained that one group came running out, slammed into the wall, recollected themselves and ran out the door with little to no pause. We figured the second section is frightening, with tight spaces, and strobe lights and they don’t want pregnant people to get trampled. Despite my cousins disappointment at not being able to go to the London Tombs we did have fun with the London Bridge Experience.

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