221 B Baker Street


As a kid I loved mystery novels, so being in London I couldn’t leave without a trip to 221 B Baker Street, the home of Sherlock Holmes. 221 B Baker Street is currently a museum and gift shop, and an expensive and packed one at that. I just wanted to visit, take photos and look around the gift shop, since we still had other things to do on our final day. But I ended up in a line that wasn’t the line I thought it was. On the front step’s of 221 B Baker Street stands an officer who controls the line, I thought I was in a line for a photo, but in actuality I was in a line to get into the actual museum. Entrance to the museum is £10. It made for a confusing time for my cousin, myself, and the people around us. But after awhile we figured it out, got our photo and ran as far away from the line as possible, which was in through the other door to the museum shop. It was nice to look around and be inside 221 B Baker Street, but there wasn’t anything I particularly wanted, especially for how much everything was. So we were there only a short time before leaving the home of the world famous consulting detective.


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