Moody’s Pub


Moody’s Pub is located at 5910 North Broadway Street, a short walk from Thorndale red line stop. I went with my aunt and uncle hen it was freezing cold and we were just wanting a fire and some hot chocolate and somehow managed to get exactly those two things. The bar wasn’t super busy but had two fire places and offered peanuts, burgers and drinks.


We sat around defrosting and I ordered banana mocha. I didn’t realize it was alcoholic, but should have based off what was around it on the menu. I just saw banana and hot chocolate and got excited. My banana mocha was Creme de Banana with hot chocolate and whipped cream. It wasn’t a strong drink and barely tasted of alcohol, I thought it was great. It was like a chocolate covered banana or banana split.

Our service wasn’t that great but I enjoyed the atmosphere with it’s stained glass windows and my drink. I’d like to go back and try the burgers.

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