Don Quijote and Stem Resort Happy Beach 株式会社ドン・キホーテ / ステムリゾート ハッピービーチ

Don Quijote and Stem Resort Happy Beach 株式会社ドン・キホーテ / ステムリゾート ハッピービーチ

A 24 hour 7 floor Don Quijote with a trendy instagram cafe/bar????

Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company

We stayed in Lexington Kentucky at the Hyatt Place and surrounded by little restaurants, including one that had caught my eye early on called Shakespeare and Company. This was only added to after talking with the hotel staff and being shown their menu. Which is absolutely beautiful. We went for lunch and I ended up [...]

Brown Sugar Jazz Boutique

I visited Brown Sugar because I was drawn to the idea of live jazz and missing the wonderful jazz bars I went to in Prague. So I mentioned it to one of my hostel mates and we headed out, early, in the hopes of getting good seats and being able to get dinner before it got packed [...]

Party Adventures and Misadventures

So that last couple of weekends have been filled with parties and I've taken this weekend off to recover. The first event/party I went to was Seoultube. I went with a youtuber friend of mine. It was originally suppose to be in a park, but due to the rain it got moved to the Hidden [...]

Welcome Teacher’s Party and Getting Lost in the Mountains

My first weekend in South Korea was a bit hectic. The agency I went through was having it's welcome party for all the teachers who had been in the country a lot longer than I had. It wasn't necessary that for me to go, and maybe not even that smart. There isn't a lot of [...]

Steampunk tea time at Geek Bar Beta

The Geek Bar Beta is in Wicker park at 1941 West North Avenue. A friend told me about the event and I dressed up, though I think my outfit turned out more like a pirate then steampunk, and met my friends at the bar. The Geek Bar Beta hosts a lot of events. The night prior [...]