Shakespeare and Company

The menu’s are like storybooks!!!

We stayed in Lexington Kentucky at the Hyatt Place and surrounded by little restaurants, including one that had caught my eye early on called Shakespeare and Company. This was only added to after talking with the hotel staff and being shown their menu. Which is absolutely beautiful. We went for lunch and I ended up ordering a type of Saj, a Mediterranean flat bread, soup, and a chai latte.

Chai latte yum…also how cool are these placemats?

The Saj flavor I ordered was Za’atar which was the cheapest and somewhat basic, it’s described as a mixture of thyme based spices. I thought I’d share it with my sister, only to find it had seeds on it, which she’s allergic to. So I ended up with the whole thing to myself and it was way too much.

Look how huge this is! It was like a meal in and of itself!

The menu itself is huge, and with a wide variety of options. I decided to ask our waitress for what she suggested which led me to the soup. I picked out the lentil soup which comes with lemon juice and pita chips and it was delicious but once again too much food, especially when I went for the larger option thinking I was sharing the Saj.

Not the most photogenic soup but what soup really is? It was delicious though! 

It was all good, just too much food, which was totally our own fault. They also have a wide variety of food so it fits for anyone whether they want to try something new or are picky and just want a burger or pancakes. The restaurant is also part cafe, which serves breakfast/brunch and on the other side hosts a bar. The atmosphere was elegant and peaceful and there was something to look at no matter where I turned my head.

There are several others in Lexington but the rest of their restaurants are currently in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


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