What To Pack For A Tour

What To Pack For A Tour

I've dragged myself out of my hibernation that started nearly as soon as I boarded my plane until I got home yesterday to write this (still at my temporary housing without wifi) and do some errands before the Korean New Year closes everything. I learned very very fast on my trip that I was vastly [...]

Unsolved Hotel Mysteries at the APA Hotel

My friend and I booked a room at the APA Hotel in Shibuya, partly because it looked nice but mostly because it was the only thing available when we tried looking for a place to stay while I'd be visiting. (The problem with last minute trips during holidays). We were pretty impressed at first. It [...]

Party Adventures and Misadventures

So that last couple of weekends have been filled with parties and I've taken this weekend off to recover. The first event/party I went to was Seoultube. I went with a youtuber friend of mine. It was originally suppose to be in a park, but due to the rain it got moved to the Hidden [...]