Chuseok in Tokyo

Last year I decided I’d return to Japan again this Fall. I loved visiting Tokyo Disney Land during the Halloween season and was ready to go all out this year for Disney Sea. I wanted to do it all. I wanted to stay at one of the hotels, try all the snacks, ride all the rides, see all the shows, dress up and see my friends that live in Tokyo.

I invited a friend to go with me who’d shown interest when I talked about my plans. I explained from the get go that it’d be a bit pricey, I find Tokyo in general just to be a bit expensive but I wanted this to be fun. As the year began we started booking things. She reserved our hotel after being unable to book our flights and after working around her schedule I booked our flights. Two days in Tokyo. It was going to be a short trip but I was still excited.

Then my year went from bad to worst as it progressed and in the midst of everything she cancelled on me. With my surprise expenses I could no longer afford to stay at the hotel so we cancelled that. As for the flight tickets, as of writing this, after returning from my trip I’m still waiting.

Bitter, I changed up my plans. I had two days in Tokyo and two days on either side with terrible travel times. (Arrival at 10pm and departure at 8am) I decided that day one would be spent with my friends and day two would be spent at Disney. Instead of staying at an expensive hotel I’d stay with my friend who I usually stay with when I’m in Tokyo. I figured I’d have a relaxing time. I’d try to protect my poor feet which I’d recently learned had a “shattered” bone in one foot while the other had an inflamed tendon. Surprisingly the foot that doesn’t hurt is the one with the shattered bone. It’s a tiny bone that’s broken, that as long as it doesn’t fragment is fine, according to a the doctor I saw who told me to keep walking on it.

So, shortly after returning from my family trip with my aunt and uncle I left again, back to Japan for Chuseok. Where I once again over did it but was still quite happy with everything. Day 1 I ate like a hobbit. Even had second-breakfast it was great!

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