The First Alleyway

For dinner I decided to check out a foreigner hot spot called The First Alleyway. It was within walking distance of the festival and I figured I might have better luck being able to eat there on my own than I would elsewhere. (I could’ve eaten street food but I was exhausted and wanted to sit for a bit.) Like its name sake it’s located down an alleyway near Geumnamro4-ga station exit 1.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted at The First Alleyway. I hadn’t really expected it to be mostly pizza but that’s what it ended up being with a large selection of options in the starters/appetizers that included things like various types of poutine, chicken tenders, and salads. They also offer a variety of sandwiches and burgers but I ended up stuck on their pizza page. I decided to be very basic and order a plain cheese pizza. Their menu can be found on their website here. Though the menu pricing and options are a bit different from what I found at the restaurant. Example, online their classic cheese pizza is priced at 12,000 won while their physical menu priced it as 13,000 won. So think of it more as an approximation of what they may have available and about how much it will be.

cheese pizza 13,000 won

They also offer desserts like brownies, root beer floats and key lime pie. I haven’t had a key lime pie in forever and was determined to order one as well. (Though it really was too much food for one person and I’m grateful they packed up my leftover pizza to go)

key lime pie 5,000 won with a Canadian Dry ginger ale in the background

The restaurant was nice. There were lots of space for large groups and I was relieved it wasn’t too busy because because I once again ended up at a table for four. (There was the bar but no one was sitting there and I didn’t notice it until after I sat down). I can see why it’s considered a popular spot for foreigners since the food was more traditional north American (no corn on the pizza and poutine) as well as a larger variety in the way of alcohol beyond soju and beer. There were also many shelves filled with board games and I watched some people play. The staff spoke English and the menu was in English so it was very easy to navigate. It felt very much like a restaurant I’d find at home.


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