One of the places my cousin wanted to go to while we were in London was Greggs. So after getting a bit turned around after leaving Westminster Abbey we searched for the nearest Greggs and went for a bit of a hike. The way my cousin explained Greggs was that it was cheap food, essentially a [...]

Sally Lunn and The Real Italian Ice Cream Company

After looking around the Roman Baths my cousin and I walked around town for the short time we had left.  Bath is an absolutely beautiful city and I wish we had had a lot more time there. A day or two would have been amazing. A friend of mine studied abroad at Bath Spa University [...]


Second on our day tour after Windsor was Stonehenge. A beautiful and awe inspiring prehistoric monument that was built around the same time as the Egyptian pyramids. It's in an area filled with other prehistoric monuments, but is one of the most famous and the only one we had time to visit. Due to destruction [...]


The tour we were on for Windsor and the rest of the day didn't include lunch. There was an option to have lunch with the meal, those were packed lunches and unlike the Total London Experience at the Alberts we couldn't be added to that one. So instead we stopped in the train station on [...]